Kayce and Alex met during the hot summer months in Texas as camp counselors. They bonded over s’mores and helping others find their strengths. In 2014, Kayce and Alex moved to Dallas where they continued their friendship. It was over dinner that they turned a summer camp friendship into a business partnership. With Kayce’s training and passion for improv, and Alex’s background in adaptive leadership and drive for positive change, the idea of Improv to Improve began!


Kayce holds a degree in Performance and has also received actor training from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. She has received extensive improv training and performed professionally in the Austin and Dallas area. She has many years of experience as a program and workshop facilitator. Kayce is a certified Performance Arts teacher, and is our go-to goofball and energy booster!


Alex holds a degree in Applied Behavioral Science with a focus in Organizational Behavior Management and a minor in Leadership Studies. With a professional background in program development, supervision and staff training, she’s our debriefing queen and always makes sure our client’s return to their workplace with tangible skills and steps toward increased productivity.

Alexandra Horn


Kayce Kuntz


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