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Improv is all about being present in the moment, being focused and reacting at a very high level. Improv teaches you to think on your feet and adapt quickly to unexpected circumstances through trusting those around you.

Improv's "Yes, and" principle is critical for creative brainstorming. It means accepting someone's idea, contributing, and taking the idea even further. This unconditional acceptance is crucial for creativity and innovation.

Improv teaches you to be a strong communicator. When you are put on the spot, it is easy for things to get lost in translation. In order to combat this, you must be clear and specific in the way you communicate.  A successful improvisor also practices active listening. Through improvisation, you understand the importance of not only listening, but understanding before reacting.

Improvisation training gives you the ability to practice and work on areas such as communication, collaboration and creative thinking in a safe and fun environment.


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