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What They're Saying

Kayce and Alex are true professionals! We are a team of technical experts who were not exactly enthusiastic to "do improv". However, Kayce and Alex make it such a safe, fun and approachable atmosphere that the team not only participated but requested a follow-up session. Beyond having fun, we have left both experiences as a closer team, more confident, with many lessons we continue to use in our daily jobs. I believe that Improv to improve will be regular, reoccurring workshop in our company!

Stefanie Rollins

Chief of staff


Improv to Improve came to our office and in only 3 hours made a big impact on our team. The activities were fun and entertaining, but more importantly made a lasting impact on the skills of our team. Just two days later I can see a difference in the way my team is communicating, the confidence in their presence and their abilities.

Clara Hustad
Director of Advisory Councils & Channel Marketing Communications


Alex and Kayce initiated a great environment for all to feel safe and be creative. The exercises were fun and engaging. Our team members bonded through the experience and were still talking and laughing about it the next day. We enjoyed our time and would recommend this to others looking to improve team cohesiveness in a playful manner.

Craig Weitz

First Rate Financial

Improv to Improve was a great way for our team to better understand each other. We did a workshop around communication—the improv interactions/games they chose were perfect and highlighted learnings we could clearly see. We will certainly be having them back at the Uber office!

Shanah Gaskill

Marketing Manager


Improv to Improve put on an incredible event for us. Their creative collaboration exercises helped our team step outside of our comfort zones to shine light on things like active listening and subconscious communication. There were a lot of ways our team does things without thinking to achieve great things that I didn't even realize. Through their brilliant improv examples like using more "Yes and..." they proved that we sometimes unconsciously block communication or put others down without realizing that we are doing it.  I'd highly recommend this to anyone especially because of the impact it has had on our team. 

Talia Roffman

Piedmont Airlines

Alex and Kayce are so talented! We had a 60-person Marketing team gather for a meeting built around team-building and re-setting the culture. They were prepared, impactful, and so good at thinking on their feet. They produced and led a session that was exactly what we needed. I would love to engage them for another session in the future.

Yvonne Stacherski

Vice President, Senior Marketing Operations Manager & Sports Sponsorships

Comerica Bank


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