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Happy New Year – Team Building!

Dallas, Texas – New Year, new you, new team! Hosting a “Happy New Year” team building session is a great idea for groups as they flow back from the holidays.

The timing is perfect, particularly if you haven’t organized a specific team building activity since Fall, or even before that.

With early January being a time when most offices can count on the majority of the team being around, it is one of those few times on the calendar when you can plan a team event that and count on somewhat close to 100% attendance.

And of course, the timing sets up nicely to connect everyone again after the break, but to also set the team up for the next quarter, or next school term, or…whatever goals you have ahead of you.

Here at Improv to Improve, our Team Building sessions (throughout the Dallas area, and all over Texas) are custom designed to specifically to your group, creating a session that inspires the team, sets you up to unleash your creativity and drive innovation after the lull of the holidays, and gets everyone looking at how to support each other in their post-New Year’s goals.

These Happy New Year team building sessions also work well for teachers and university students as they head back for the new term.

Connect with either of us to discuss what a January team building session might look like for you. Alex at or Kayce at


A unique company holiday party idea – something you may not have thought about, but that could be a great fit for your team, is a festive, fun holiday team building experience. It’s a nice fit as a late afternoon activity, with the group flowing from there to a holiday dinner. The fun, laughter and team building from our session will continue on to the rest of your evening together.

Get in touch with either of us if you’re interested in learning more about our holiday packages: Alex at or Kayce at

Also, our friends up in Canada at Vancouver TheatreSports have a similar package available for a team building session in the New Year. Check them out if you’re in the area.

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