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Corporate Workshops – Dallas

Improv to Improve was a great way for our team to better understand each other

We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to facilitate corporate workshops in Dallas (and the surrounding area) with organizations of all sizes.

The above quote was from the organizer of a session we did with the Uber Dallas Ft. Worth office.

corporate workshops dallas

The corporate workshop we created for them was focused on increasing effective, efficient communication between the various teams that work together in their office.

As is quite common within many organizations, they felt each individual team were communicating and collaborating at a high level, but there were missed opportunities to connect and collaborate with the other teams they worked with.

(Learn more about our corporate workshops in Dallas that focus on Team Building)

As we do with all our clients prior to a corporate training workshop, we consulted with the organizers, gathering information, evaluating their needs, the desired outcomes, their vision and goals, etc.

Using that info, we designed a one-hour workshop that focused on techniques and strategies that each team (and individual) could apply right away to increase engagement, communication and collaboration across all the departments.

It was an interactive workshop that produced a lot of laughter and fun stories, with lasting results.

(Read more about our corporate workshop with Uber – Uber Dallas Ft Worth corporate workshop)

While that session was one-hour, we design corporate workshops that range from one-hour to a full-day.

Connect with us today to hear more about our Corporate Workshops (Alex at, or Kayce at

A sample of our Corporate Workshops include:

Company Culture Your company culture is critical to building an organization that customers love working with, and your staff are proud to work for.

In these sessions, we customize a workshop to your unique needs and vision, focusing on creating the foundation for a positive, supportive environment that your staff embrace.

Presentation Skills If you’re in sales, customer service or management, we can help your team when presenting or interacting with client/customers. We cover techniques to deliver an engaging message clearly and confidently, “thinking on your feet”, turning mistakes into wins, quickly building rapport and having authentic interactions.

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