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Customer Service Workshops and Improv

A perfect fit

Dallas, Texas – “The answer is YES; now what’s the question?

How are Customer Service Workshops and improv training a perfect fit? Well, that line above from customer service consultant John DiJulius is a great starting point.

As many of you may, or may not know, saying “Yes” is a foundational principle of improvisation, combined with the word “And”.

“Yes, And” can be an incredibly empowering concept for your customer service team and for your clients. With that as the basis for interactions, it immediately validates the customer, lets them know you’re engaged, and provides the CS rep with a tool for guiding the interaction to the best conclusion.

customer service workshops

But these improv-based Customer Service Workshops go well beyond “Yes, And”. Training your staff to use the strategies and techniques of improv provides out-sized benefits not only to your customers, but to your team as well.

We’ll focus on the importance of actively listening and its role in creating authentic interactions, communication techniques, and a big area is focused on teaching your staff how to think on their feet and handle the unpredictable with grace – they’ll be comfortable “going off-script”, communicating clearly and confidently and creating authentic interactions.

These are all tools, techniques and concepts inherent in the world of improv, but when applied in a customer service setting, produce a CS rep who is more confident, solution-oriented, engaged, and connected to their clients.

These Customer Service Workshops are also a lot of fun. Your team will have share a lot of laughter, stories and team bonding while learning.

If you’d like to find out more about our Customer Service Workshops, get in touch with either one of us:

Here at Improv to Improve, each of our corporate workshops - including our the Customer Service Workshops, Team Building in Dallas, Presentation Skills workshops, Change Management - use improv strategies and techniques as the foundation.

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