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Effective Meetings

Dallas, Texas - Meetings matter…probably more than you realize. Study after study highlights that not only are effective meetings the exception rather than the rule, but poorly run meetings have a significant impact well beyond simply wasting time.

You might not know how to describe what an effective meeting is, but you definitely know one when you see one (or sit through it)…and conversely, you’re likely very familiar with a meeting that misses the mark.

effective meetings

Those are the ones that drone on, meander all over the place with little focus, and participants exude low (or bad) energy. These are the meetings that people walk out of feeling exhausted, or exasperated, or bored, or just blah…the opposite of focused, engaged, inspired and energized, which is what effective meetings are set up to do.

A study out of the University of North Carolina (led by Steven Rogelberg) found that the effectiveness of meetings correlates directly to the overall satisfaction level staff feel towards their jobs. If your company is focused on building an inclusive environment, where employees collaborate and communicate at a high level, bad meetings work to undermine that culture.

We work with a lot of clients in the areas of increasing collaboration and communication through our customized team building activities, which we tailor for outcomes that help teams work together and support each other at a higher level – many of the techniques and strategies we focus on in these sessions are directly applicable to running more effective meetings. And with summer approaching, this could be a perfect time to set-up a summer team building activity that brings the group together through laughter and our improv-based activities (they’ll have a blast).

Connect with us and we can give you a better idea of what a session will look like (Alex at or Kayce at

There’s no reason why your meetings can’t be opportunities to problem-solve and exchange information in an environment that enables support, collaboration, creativity and innovation, building stronger connections amongst each member of the group.

Effective meetings produce real benefits for all stakeholders.

Here are three quick tips to help you run more effective meetings – ones that not only produce results, but inspire your team.

Effective Meetings – Tip #1) Show up with enthusiasm This alone can make all the difference. Whether you’re the manager, the meeting organizer, or an invited attendee, arriving with a great attitude, ready to collaborate with the team sets the meeting up for success.

Effective Meetings – Tip #2) Set an Agenda Time is a zero-sum game. Don’t waste people’s time by setting a meeting without a clear purpose, accompanied by an agenda you either send out before, or have ready for everyone when they arrive.

Effective Meetings – Tip #3) “Yes, And” your meeting As an improv-based corporate training organization, we’re committed to spreading the benefits of taking a “Yes, And” approach to most interactions…but embracing “Yes, And” in your meetings will be a game-changer.

And if you’re managing a team that’s spread out geographically, here’s a blog with a few tips on managing a remote team, including how to execute effective meetings.

All the best at your next team meeting.

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