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Empathy Workshops - Dallas

Dallas, Texas - More and more we’re seeing organizations prioritize empathy, and empathy workshops, as an important part of their professional development plans, particularly for their managers.

Many recent studies have shown a direct relationship between empathetic leadership and a positive impact on job performance for team members.

Our experience, and it’s also backed up by studies, is that it’s difficult to be a truly effective leader over any extended period of time without making empathy a part of your leadership skill set.

empathy workshops dallas

Show us an ineffective manager, and there’s a good chance empathy, or the lack thereof, is playing a role.

While some people naturally exude empathy, for others it’s more of a challenge. And for most people, they fall into the middle of the bell curve, going through their day as a somewhat empathetic colleague, or manager.

Empathy Workshops – The good news is that becoming more empathetic can be developed through training and awareness initiatives. The organizations we work with in this area, and the individuals, are all looking to build a more empathetic workplace culture, creating an environment of support and collaboration.

Our workshops use the core concepts of improvisation to focus on what empathy looks like in practice, as part of your day-to-day interactions, decision-making and overall company culture.

This is not a comedy workshop. Yes, your team will share a lot of laughter together, but we’ll be going through a series of activities that will provide skills and techniques everyone can apply to become a more empathetic member of the group.

It’s important to note that these are not comedy workshops. The session will be a collaborative experience that takes your group through a series of proven, improv-based activities in a comfortable, safe setting.

There is always a lot of shared laughter, fun and team bonding, but with lasting takeaways.

(If you’re looking to combine an Empathy Workshop with a Team Building Workshop, we can design that for your group).

Contact either one of us to learn more - Alex at or Kayce at

And if you happen to be located outside the Dallas, Texas area, there are a number of organizations around North America who do what we do with corporate workshops focused on Empathy in the Workplace and custom design Team Building experiences, including:

Empathy Workshops (and Team Building in Atlanta) with Dad’s Garage

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