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Fun Team Games - Improv

Dallas, Texas - We work with groups of all sizes who are looking for a variety of experiences, including fun team games that are focused on bringing a group together and sharing laughter, camaraderie and team bonding.

The organizers of these sessions are usually more focused on the “fun” aspect of the activity, rather than wanting us to specifically focus on an area of interest - e.g. increasing collaboration, more effective communication amongst team members, support, etc., which we do with a lot of our clients through our various corporate workshop packages (including our popular Team Building sessions).

fun team games improv

For some, it’s all about fun team games, laughing together and creating memories.

As an organization that uses improv as the basis for all our workshops, we’ve got you covered when it comes to putting together fun team games.

And no, you don't have to be an aspiring Colin Mochrie (the famous improviser from “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”), Tina Fey, or Steve Carrell. Improv is all about embracing the unknown, offering ideas, accepting ideas and building on ideas. Laughter and fun is a natural, organic outcome. We see it every day during our sessions.

Fun Improv Activity Here’s a fun improv activity you can do in your office as part of a larger team building experience, or a stand-alone.

Word at a Time This is easy to set-up and easy for anyone in the office to participate in, regardless of any anxiety they might feel taking part in an improv-based activity.

Set-up: Bring together a circle of colleagues (four to six is a good number, but up to 10 people will work as well). Come up with a topic (driving lessons, planning a company BBQ, buying a birthday present for a friend…it can be anything).

Now have the team create a story, one word at a time. Go around the circle 10 to 12 times before stopping to see where they’re at. Invariably there’ll be a lot of laughter as the story unfolds, but there will also be some underlying messaging, as the participants see that the story isn’t maybe (almost assuredly isn’t) going the way they thought it would, or hoped it would. They’ve had to adjust their expectations to account for the group’s input and that no one person is dictating the outcome. It’s a true team effort. As well, the lesson of being a supportive teammate is highlighted in every word. They’ll see that the conjunctions (“or” and “and”) are as important to the narrative as the larger nouns, adjectives and verbs. Small supportive contributions are integral to reaching a team goal.

By the end, the team will definitely feel more connected, and will have had a great time creating together.

If you’d like to learn more about the fun team games that are part of our corporate workshops, or the type of workshop we can customize for your team, reach out to either one of us:

You can also read more here - (Team Building in Dallas)

Here’s another fun team building activity from our friend’s at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta that could be a good fit for your group – Team Building Ideas

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