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I Failed!

Alex leading a workshop with Oliver Wyman Consultants

How many of you have a co-worker who you consider a close friend? What about a co-worker that you tend to avoid, especially when it comes to conflict? Working with people is challenging. Period. At Improv to Improve, LLC, we specialize in working with all types of people.

Human beings interact with hundreds of people on a daily basis, and leaving the right impression is important. Through phone calls with loved ones, text messages to babysitters, social media “likes”, snapchat steaks and in-person interactions with colleagues, making and leaving an impression on others is crucial to maintaining healthy, positive relationships, especially in the workplace.

At Improv to Improve, LLC we focus on both building strong relationships with teams of people, as well as teaching individuals how to effectively communicate in several unique ways. One example of how we help build healthy relationships is by teaching the philosophy of “I failed.” What the “I failed” philosophy means is that when you “mess up”, you proudly state out loud “I failed”, and the rest of the group claps and cheers loudly for you. This reminds us that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay to admit those mistakes, state it out loud, and move on.This is how we learn, this is how we grow. In a safe, educational environment, we teach team members how to “fail forward”, communicate with one another through non-verbal and verbal cues, and build comradery amongst the group. There is nothing we love more than helping your team improve!

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