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Improv for Business?

When I graduated high school, everyone asked me what I wanted to study in college. “Business”, I proudly stated. I had a dream of becoming a business consultant, working in a big city and living the corporate dream. Little did I know, “Business School” was not for me. After many hours spent in a career exploration class and talking to my college advisor, I decided to study Applied Behavioral Science with a focus in Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) and Leadership Studies. I loved learning about people and why certain behaviors were controlled by their actions and consequences. I loved implementing staff training procedures, and various protocol to make processes run smoother - whether in the workplace or at home.

Fast forward to four years post-college to co-founding my own company, Improv to Improve LLC. It was over dinner with my friend (now business partner), Kayce, that we decided to give our ‘side hustle’ a go! My dream has been to take my background in OBM and Leadership Studies and create a curriculum that focuses on soft skills (i.e. communication, empathy, trust, productivity, confidence) and teach business men and women how these skills can translate in their day to day work lives.

Debriefing communication strategies with Oliver Wyman Consultants

Starting Improv to Improve has helped me get out of my comfort zone, think on my feet and be a better listener in my every day life. When business professionals work with Improv to Improve, they often start out by saying “I have never done improv before!” or “I am not good at improv!” and I always reassure them that applied improvisation skills are for everyone - even first timers! If you or your company are looking to refine personal skills, activate positive change, explore new techniques or sharpen your professional toolkit, Improv to Improve is for YOU! We encourage you to check out our case studies to see more of what we do, and if you’re still not convinced that improv can change your life, Forbes and NPR share their opinion on why improv is important for business professionals, and can truly help us all IMPROVE!

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