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Improv in Dallas

Dallas, Texas - As you might expect, not only are we improv-based corporate facilitators, but we’re also fans of improv, and improv in Dallas in particular.

Everything we do with our corporate workshops - including our Team Building in Dallas, Presentation Skills workshops, Change Management Workshops, Creativity and Innovation and customized workshops that focus on culture, collaboration and effective communication – is based on the principles of what makes improv work.

Watching what we do here at Improv to Improve with our corporate clients (taking the core principles of improv and applying them in a corporate setting) and seeing these principles play out on stage is always a lot of fun and inspiring.

improv in dallas
Catching an improv show is a great night out

Those principles include the concept of “Yes, And…", which is always a key part of our workshops. This means pretty much exactly what it sounds like. When someone comes up with an idea, rather than immediately analyzing it and thinking of reason why it won’t work (an unfortunate instinct human nature has gifted us), you accept it (the “Yes” part), and then build on it (the “And” part of the equation).

Watch any improv show, from a local stage here in Dallas, or an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway with Colin Mochrie (an alumni of the improv organization Vancouver TheatreSports, who also offer Corporate Workshops in Vancouver) and you’ll see the magic of “Yes, And…” in practice.

While it might seem to be a rather simple concept to integrate into your work setting, it’s so rewarding to watch our workshop participants realize the power of “Yes, And…” and make the connection to how it can positively impact their team, department and entire organization.

When catching an improv show you’ll also see clear demonstrations of other principles we highlight in our corporate workshops, notably embracing the unpredictable and thinking on your feet, being present and active listening. All done within a setting where the performers trust each other and push forward knowing everyone else on that stage will support them.

So when you get the chance, head out to find some improv in Dallas. You’re almost guaranteed to have a great night out, while also seeing the principles we use in our corporate workshops played out on stage.

Maybe we’ll see you there.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our workshops, get in touch with either one of us:

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