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Presentation Skills Workshop

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Dallas - Delivering a message in a way that captivates and inspires, whether the audience is one or 1,000, is an invaluable skill.

Presentation Skills Workshop

Our programs do more than cover the basic skills of a winning presentation. We focus on the soft skills that are critical to presenting in a way that connects.

- How your body language impacts you and your audience

- Confidently and clearly articulating your message

- The importance of active listening and how to react to what you’re hearing

- Being comfortable when things go “off-script”; thinking on your feet

- Turning mistakes into wins

- Building rapport and winning over an audience

- How empathy is a key to sales presentations

(We also design very popular Team Building workshops)

presentation skills workshop
A fun Presentation Skills workshop with Stream

Strong presentation skills are what allow sales people to nail pitches, managers to inspire their teams, engineers to articulate their message to others in the company (and outside the company); entrepreneurs to succeed in every area you can think of, grad students to stand out from their peers, customer service reps to deliver an authentic experience and on and on it goes.

Presenting, or communicating your message effectively, is a skill that impacts us in many ways, regardless of where we’re at in our careers or lives. It’s an everyday skill that can have an immeasurable impact.

These Presentation Skills workshops are a strong fit with:

- your outbound sales teams

- your inbound sales team

- new managers (all managers for that matter)

- teachers (great Professional Development Day activity)

- college instructors

- small business owners

- customer service teams

- tour leaders of any description

- your marketing department

- your IT department

With stronger presentation skills, your staff will enjoy more personal success and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Contact us today to learn about our customized Presentation Skills Workshops

More info on our Corporate Workshops

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