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Professional Development for Teachers

Dallas, Texas – Professional development for teachers is obviously an on-going process of growth and learning pursued through a wide variety of options.

As an improv-based training organization, many of the skills, strategies and techniques we focus on every day with our clients, are a perfect fit for the educational community.

Professional Development for Teachers

Beyond creating a team building experience for a group of teachers (a great way to start off a new term!), we also design sessions specifically focusing on skills and strategies that can be applied in any classroom environment.

This includes: - presentation skills for teachers - clear and confident messaging - the role of body language when presenting - techniques to produce a higher level of collaboration amongst students - spurring on creativity and innovation - learning to embrace the unpredictable and “thinking on your feet”

Professional Development for Teachers Think of us as an option for your next Professional Development Day. Not only will your group have a lot of fun, laughing, learning and creating together, you’ll also have a list of takeaways that can be applied immediately in the classroom.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Professional Development for Teachers workshops, or Team Building for Teachers, contact either one of us to learn more - Alex at or Kayce at

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