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Sales Training Program in Dallas

Dallas, Texas - When you hear of another sales training program you might be thinking….snoozer. Not another one of those.

And no, the sales training program we design for our clients isn’t “another one of those”. With one of our improv-based sessions, we’ll connect how an improv-based workshop is a perfect fit for a sales team. The skills needed to excel in improv are a lot like the ones that will help you reach your sales goals.

sales training program

Our extensive work in the area of effective communication strategies, presentation skills workshops and techniques to increase collaboration, form the foundation for our sales training program, providing specific takeaways you can immediately start applying in your next sales interaction.

(Contact us today to learn more about our sales training program - Improv to Improve)

The areas we cover include:

- Connecting with your audience (whether that audience is one person in a sales meeting, or when presenting to a room of people)

- Throwing out the sales script. Any interaction, but particularly in sales, is better when one person isn’t relying on a script, or has queued up replies ready to go regardless of what the other person is saying. Authentic interactions, foundational to what makes improv work, are critical to sales success.

We’ll focus on techniques to ensure you’re comfortable going “off-script” and thinking on your feet. Few people in any organization benefit more from acquiring the skills to be comfortable staying in the moment, reacting to information in real-time and thinking on their feet than the sales group.

If you’d like to learn more about our sales training program, connect with either of us and we’ll be happy to provide more details.

Also, we design several other customized corporate workshops for our clients (including in the area of fun team building activities, more-focused workshops in the areas of collaboration and communication, working with teams to help then become a better presenter, increasing the trust and support amongst a team and helping to make that a part of their culture, and the role of empathy in the workplace).

Here’s a good article highlighting how improv-based sales training programs are a great fit for sales teams:

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