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Virtual Team Building Options

Team building during a pandemic? We got ya.

Virtual team building options, whether you run them yourself with your team, or have a facilitator design and run the session, require a little different approach then the traditional team building experience.

Virtual Team Building Options

We’ve recently been designing our Team Building with Zoom virtual sessions, taking what we do with a clients to help them strengthen their teams, have fun together, laugh, and connect…and we’ve moved that to a virtual platform.

We’ve been talking with our friends at Vancouver TheatreSports, up in Canada, who have been offering improv-based corporate training sessions, such as Team Building in Vancouver, as well as presentation skills, managing chance, storytelling, empathy in the workplace, etc.

These conversations often focus on how we’re both managing the current working environment, with so many organizations shifting to their staff setting up at home and the impact of that on teams staying connected, being able to still collaborate at a high level and be productive.

They’ve also been offering their traditional Team Building workshops on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, so we’ve had a lot to share with each other (to read more about their workshops – Virtual Team Building Workshops).

Same for the group at SAK Comedy in Orlando , Florida, another organization, like us, that’s now offering their team building sessions virtually (Virtual Team Building idea in Orlando).

What the three of us are finding, as we’ve been doing these and share our experiences, is that they do really work for teams, creating a fun activity that brings everyone together…and in this environment, connecting the team is important…but also with lots of value when it comes to teams supporting each other and collaborating with each other more efficiently over the new communication tools.

If you are looking for virtual team building options, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to share more info. We can be reached at:

Take care!

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