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Team Building with Zoom

Dallas – We know a lot about team building here at Improv to Improv, working with our clients around the Dallas-area, helping them to build stronger teams…and now we’re getting to know a lot about team building with Zoom.

The new working environment has created quite a shift in the way teams connect, as so many organizations made the shift to working almost exclusively from home. It’s obviously a very different world. With this move to virtual meetings, we’ve launched our virtual workshops, designing team building with Zoom sessions for groups that are now only connecting online.

Team Building with Zoom

As highlighted above, we’ve been creating team building workshops for our clients for a number of years, and while the majority of those were delivered with everyone in the same room, the new reality has team leaders looking for ways to bring teams together while working remotely each day.

Building a connected, supportive, productive team can be a difficult challenge when you see each other in the workplace every day – the difficulty factor only goes up when everyone is isolated at home, only seeing each other now via small square boxes on video chat.

Everyone is going to react differently to the virtual work experience, with some thriving and others struggling. It’s definitely easier for some team members to feel disconnected from colleagues without the daily patterns of a workplace….those in-person interactions, both casual and scheduled, that make up the day for many of us, including casual conversations, quick huddles, shared laughter, grabbing lunch together, happy birthday acknowledgments (whether you like them or not, they do bring everyone together…😊) .

Whether you’re looking to connect your team though a fun, unique online team building experience, with a lot of laughter…or as well, look at themes such as managing change, collaborating in a virtual setting, embracing the unpredictable, creating a “Yes, and…” team approach, we can design a session your group will love.

Team Building with Zoom Connect with us to find out more about our virtual team building workshops. We can start off one of your scheduled Zoom meetings, bringing the team together, or you can schedule a specific team building experience.

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You can reach us at Alex ( or Kayce (


Our friends at SAK Comedy in Orlando, Florida also have a great virtual team building idea with their virtual sessions. Check them out, or contact Gina at (407)-648-0001 Ext. 103 or email

Stay safe everyone!

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