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Summer Team Building Activities

“It’s gonna be a long hot summer” - Keith Urban

Dallas, Texas - Summers are no longer a dead spot on company calendars, punctuated by a couple of months when everyone throttles down – more and more organizations are planning meetings and events through the summer months, making it a great time for summer team building activities.

Summer’s actually becoming a great time to schedule activities focused on inspiring your team, laughing together, collaborating, exploring and learning.

Summer Team Building Activities
For anyone not on the beach, summer is a great time for a team building activity

July and August are uniquely situated to bring the group together to check-in, evaluate the first two quarters and look ahead to the next two. Maybe it’s a summer team building activity focused on just having fun together, bonding and creating team stories, or it’s about rewarding the group for a great first half of the year, or you feel the team could use a workshop focused on techniques that will allow them to communicate and collaborate more effectively as you head into Q3.

We also find the pacing of summer can naturally set-up as a good time to focus on issues related to organizational change. We often work with groups who are dealing with a lot of change (through our Change Management workshops) and how to not only handle the shifting landscape, but embrace the change.

Whether the change is related to recent layoffs, a round of new hiring, turnover at the senior management level, or even significant new policies or initiatives can create a feeling of instability or insecurity throughout the workplace…a team building session focused on being more agile, dealing with the unpredictable and thriving as a team and supporting each other while going through these changes.

And if you’re a sales manager, again, we can design a summer team building activity that takes your group through a laughter-filled session that brings them together and inspires, while highlighting tips and techniques to help them in every sales setting (we design sales training programs and presentation skills workshops for sales that we’ll use to create your team building experience, combined with sales tips).


If you’d like to learn more about a summer team building workshop, reach out to either of us and we’ll be happy to provide more details:


For more summer team building activities in other areas, there are great improv organizations that create team building experiences for clients in their cities, notably SAK Comedy (team building in Orlando), Dad’s Garage (team building activities in Atlanta) and Vancouver, BC (team building in Vancouver)

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