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Team Building Activities in Dallas

Looking for a few great ideas for Team Building Activities in Dallas?

Whether you’re noticing gaps in communication and collaboration around your office or not, if you haven’t done one in a while, now could be a good time to plan a team activity.

When done right, it will connect your group, alleviate stress and anxiety and provide an opportunity for the team to laugh and get to know each other better, regardless of how long they’ve been colleagues.

As a local company in the Dallas-area that works with organizations in the area of Team Building (through our improv-based Team Building workshops), we’re fortunate to facilitate experiences that lead to increased collaboration, communication and support amongst a team - while the group spends a lot of time laughing, creating and having fun together.

But we’re certainly not the only activity that can give your group a memorable team building experience.

Here a four company team building activities that are easy to organize and deliver a real boost of energy for your crew.

Corporate Team-Building Activities and Games

team building activities dallas

Cook Challenging

You may need to find a space outside the office to arrange for this one, but it is fun.

First: pick a simple food basic from the supermarket – Kraft Dinner or Ramen Noodle packs for example.

Second: divide your group into smaller teams (teams of four work well)

Third: Challenge each team to come up with a creative dish, using the food item as the core component.

We suggest choosing the teams and letting them know the food item and the challenge about a week or two ahead of the activity date. That will give each team plenty of time to meet, brainstorm and put a plan in place.

Creativity, shared leadership, supporting teammates – all will be on display. And of course, a lot of laughs during the actual challenge as everyone watches what the others are whipping up.

Giving Back

Don’t underestimate the power of giving back to the community as a lasting team building experience. Here in the Dallas-area, the options are numerous, so send out a Doodle Poll, pick the one with the most votes and head out to serve the community, while also basking in the ancillary benefit of your team connecting, sharing, helping each other while others and the long lasting impact that has back at the office.

Find a Dallas non-profit that would love to have your team roll up the sleeves and pitch in.

Check out for opportunities – Dallas Volunteering Options

Get Paddling

Going somewhere on the water without getting wet can be a truly unique team building activity.

Get the group out on a lake or river in canoes and/or kayaks and have a blast together. You’ll enjoy nature, get a little exercise and bond with colleagues.

Plan a picnic lunch after to extend the outdoor team activity.

There are several options around Dallas where you can rent the canoes and kayaks and head out on the water. Trinity River Kayak up in Coppell has a nice spot along the Trinity River.

Team Building Activities in Dallas

Tap your office Phil Keoghan

Want to see examples of team work at its best? And worst? Tune into the world’s most elaborate scavenger hunt, The Amazing Race. The fact host Phil Keoghan and crew are still circling the globe with racers almost 20 years after debuting is a testament to the enduring allure of team dynamics (and crafty editing, slick production, exotic locations, manufactured inter-personal drama...but we digress).

The point being, you too can re-create that Amazing Race experience for your team. At least somewhat.

A well-planned scavenger hunt is a very economical team activity virtually everyone will like (even if they grumble when the idea is first floated).

Put together a small committee to organize it (a team building activity in itself) and they can define the area (around the city, around a few blocks, in a large public park, etc.). There are apps you can use to help with this.

Pick up prizes, take pictures and plan for food after, where everyone can recount their funny anecdotes, creating stories that become a part of your organization.

There you have it. A handful of Team Building Activities that are all fairly low maintenance and will have a positive impact on company culture and staff happiness.

We also offer a few options that could be a fit for your group – Team Building

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