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Team Building Dallas

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Team Building Dallas

Innovative team building in Dallas.

We work with organizations of all sizes, delivering an interactive team building experience that will have a lasting impact on your group.

Through our workshop, we’ll create a template your team will use to foster an environment of support, collaboration, flexibility and trust – all leading to a more cohesive, productive team that looks forward to working together and supporting each other.

(Contact us to learn more about – Team Building Dallas)

And you’ll have a great time, sharing a lot of laughter and creating fun team stories.

“Improv to Improve was a great way for our team to better understand each other — the improv games they chose were perfect and highlighted learnings we could clearly see. We will certainly be having them back at the Uber office!”

Shanah Gaskill – Marketing Manager

All workshops are custom designed specifically to your group and your vision. We work with organizations looking for a variety of experiences, ranging from a fun reward team building session, to team’s going through significant change (whether it’s recent hiring, layoffs, mergers or acquisitions, changes with senior managers, etc.) and groups who want to break down silos and work as a more cohesive unit.

“Through their brilliant improv examples like using more "Yes and..." they proved that we sometimes unconsciously block communication or put others down without realizing that we are doing it. I'd highly recommend this to anyone especially because of the impact it has had on our team.”

Talia Roffman

Our workshops range from a one hour session to a full-day.

If you'd like to hear more about our workshops, please connect with either of us:

Alexandra Horn


Kayce Kuntz


We also do workshops in a number of other areas, including designing workshops for customer service teams, if you'd like to improve presentation skills though improv techniqes, another popular focus is when a group or organization is going through a lot of change, whether there's been a shift in personnel, recent layoffs, an acquisition or merger, a workshop on managing change is a great way to reward and assist your team in working through the changes.

About us:

Kayce and Alex met during the hot summer months in Texas as camp counselors. They bonded over s’mores and helping others find their strengths. In 2014, Kayce and Alex moved to Dallas where they continued their friendship. It was over dinner that they turned a summer camp friendship into a business partnership. With Kayce’s training and passion for improv, and Alex’s background in adaptive leadership and drive for positive change, the idea of Improv to Improve began!

Dallas, Texas

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