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Team Building or Team Outing?

Team Building or Team Outing?

Is your group looking for a Team Building experience? Or are you looking for a team outing activity? 

Both can be fun and both can add value for a team, but there is a difference.

We do a lot of Team Building Workshops in Dallas with groups that are looking for an experience beyond a simple team outing. And when talking with our friends who do Team Building Workshops in Atlanta and Team Building in Vancouver (Canada) we’re all contacted by organizations who initially inquire about a team outing for their group.

Sometimes, they‘re wanting to organize a true team outing (think bowling, laser tag, pub night, mini-golf, etc.). Something light and fun with the sole intent of getting the team together to blow off some steam and laugh together. And we can check that box with a fun improv-based session that creates a lot of laughter and fun moments.

Team Building or Team Outing?

However, in many cases, after a bit of a talking, it becomes clear what they are in fact looking for is a team building workshop, rather than a team outing type of activity.

The are several differences, but a key is that Team Building workshops focus on the team dynamic more than on the activity itself.

Our Team Building focuses on how your group collaborates, communicates and supports each other. The workshops are specifically customized to your group.

For the most part, when your team hits the bowling alley, interactivity is left to chance.

There is the benefit of your team spending time together outside the office environment - which is of value, no question.

But the other benefits centered on increasing collaboration amongst the team, more effective communication strategies and highlighting ways to create an environment where creativity and innovation is supported are not a part of the equation.

With a Team Building workshop, the goals and benefits are structured into the activity (and facilitated by experienced professionals), not left to chance.

As well, Team Building workshops, unlike team outings, are designed specifically to be relevant to your workplace setting.

Again, both add value, but there are clear differences between a Team Building activity and a team outing.

If you’d like to learn more about what we offer in our Team Building Workshops, connect with one of us and we’d be more than happy to chat.

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