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Workplace Wellness Programs

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Dallas, Texas – Good workplace wellness programs go way beyond exercise, movement and nutrition education, despite what you might find when searching for tips on how to initiate a workplace wellness program into your office environment.

Adding opportunities for staff to exercise is great, no question, but focusing on a creating a healthy workplace also needs to encompass the culture - creating an environment of trust, empathy and mutual support, where everyone feels valued within a collaborative culture.

The effort spent on the environment and culture within an organization, department and team will pay dividends as large or larger, than those directed exclusively to physical health – although, of course, it’s all intertwined.

workplace wellness programs

Workplace Wellness Programs - A lot of the work we do with clients in the areas of increasing collaboration, communication, support and trust are about shifting culture, directly benefit company goals in workplace wellness and creating a healthy workplace for all staff.

Whether it’s though one of our Team Building workshops (Team Building in Dallas), or another one of our customized Corporate Workshops (Corporate Workshops in Dallas), the messaging and activities all have a foundation of supporting one another, valuing the contributions of teammates (and in turn knowing they’ll value your contributions), and being empathetic and inclusive.

And as to the old saying that “Laughter is the best medicine”, it’s true. Laughing does bring with it a multitude of lasting benefits, not the least of which is team bonding – and your team will share a lot of laughter during one of our sessions.

If you’d like to learn more about our programs, and how we can be a part of your Workplace Wellness goals, please reach out to either of us.

(Our friends in Vancouver, Canada at Vancouver TheatreSports also run several workshops focused on Workplace Wellness and Creating a Healthy Workplace. If you’re in that region, you can check them out – Team Building in Vancouver)

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