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The Shift of Innovation, Creativity and Support

Amidst all the turmoil and disruption to individuals and businesses during this crisis, notable has been the degree to which the current environment of uncertainty is spurring on creativity and innovation. It’s going to be interesting to see what this all means when we come through this, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that while there is a return to “normal” ahead (although for many individuals and companies who knows what that looks like), that return won’t be to the old “normal”. Things are changing right now and will continue to evolve, creating a new normal.

Some of the takeaways include:

Community Always Matters Being a part of a community, contributing to a community and nurturing a community have always been important for individuals and organizations. What’s very apparent, is that this is even more important in a world that’s been forced to isolate and socially distance. The COVID-19 crisis has inspired many innovative new ways for people to connect and when they do connect, how they interact. These innovations and the approach to communicating with each other won’t go away when we get to the other side of this. And that’s good.

innovation and creativity

The Digital Transformation If a company (or individual) was comfortable without embracing digital, that’s changed. Slow adapters have been aggressively pushed to catching up and catching up fast. And within that, re-evaluating and thinking outside the box when it comes to every part of a business has been mandatory. How can we survive, or perhaps thrive, is the thought now in this new landscape where digital connectivity is critical.

Just Get Stuff Done In our world of improv-based corporate training, we’ll often focus on how to unleash creativity and innovation for our clients…and with that, when someone is seeking the “perfect” idea, or perfect solution to an issue, it will often be what bogs down innovation. As we’re seeing all around us, it’s not about being perfect…it’s about being innovative, being nimble, flexible, agile and embracing the unpredictable. All of those are concepts and techniques we focus on during our corporate training sessions. And they’re applicable when dealing with unpredictable times and problems. It’s not about being perfect.

Flexibility Being flexible and being supportive are keys to improv and to teaching applied improv in the corporate environment. The last few weeks we are seeing examples of this everywhere. People, companies and the government are trying to be proactive, but are being forced to be incredibly flexible in this fast moving environment, as the landscape changes so rapidly. That flexibility and agility are crucial to making it through, both as individuals and as organizations, and will serve everyone well in the future.

Support There are so many examples of support showing up in communities all over the world. Supporting your teammate is foundational to having success when improvising, and we’re seeing this at all levels as the world navigates this crisis

Wishing everyone the best - please stay safe!

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