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Improv Classes

Dallas, Texas – Improv classes...if you were to ask anyone why they were interested in taking an improv class, you’ll get a wide variety of answers.

We see it all the time in the improv classes (corporate improv sessions) we run with our clients. The expectations, the experience and the outcomes are unique to each individual, but there is a common shared experience that improv classes, whether designed for the corporate environment, or for individuals, deliver.

For those interested in searching for improv classes, some are seeking a group session for their team (often focused on increasing collaboration, communication, support and trust), some are focused on their own individual personal and professional growth, and a percentage will be looking to build their performance skills.

In either the corporate setting, or signing up for an improv class as an individual, you’ll be challenged in a comfortable, secure setting that allows for you to connect with colleagues, or with people you’ve just met. And you’ll share a lot of laughter and fun. The social aspect of any improv class or corporate improv team building session is a significant part.

And as referenced above, confidence is a great benefit from embracing improv.

If you’d like to learn more about how we design improv-focused classes and sessions for your team, connect with either of us and we’ll be happy to provide more details:


Also, our friends up in Canada at Vancouver TheatreSports have similar packages available for team building sessions in Vancouver. Check them out if you’re in the area.

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