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how can improv help you?

"Alexa, how can improv help you?"....surfing a list of improv-related questions asked to the increasingly popular virtual assistants helping guide people through their days and that one, "how can improv help you" was one of the more popular queries thrown their way.

Obviously this requires a little more nuanced answer than say, what's the capital city of Illinois (Springfield by the way, not Chicago), but it's notable, to us, as a company that focuses specifically in this area, that it is in fact, a question being asked.

While the answer can be multi-layered, there are a number of de-facto benefits that jump right out, whether in your professional or personal life. Here at Improv to Improve, we've brought those benefits to offices and boardrooms all over the Dallas-area, showing our clients how the techniques and skills of improv can add incredible value for their staff and help them reach their goals (through our customized improv-based corporate training sessions, including our unique Team Building, our very popular workshops focused on Presentation Skills, and several others)

The impact is in the areas of culture, overall employee satisfaction, higher retention rates and increased productivity.

In a professional setting, to address the question of "how can improv help you", regardless of whether it's your first job ever, or your a senior manager, improv skills will help you be a better communicator, a more collaborative teammate or leader, more agile and able to handle the unexpected, and it promotes creative thinking.

Improv skills will help you tell your story, your product's story, your brand's story in a way that engages and informs. The soft skills around presenting, storytelling and communicating we focus on in our corporate training workshops help you tell your story more effectively, whatever it is. Teams gain a sense of pride from developing a narrative together.

More broadly, improv is how we interact with others, how we work together, how we're aware of other people's feelings and being in the moment.

Improv is about collaboration at a high-level. The teamwork and team building part is essential, Supporting others and making others look good is good for the team. It's very powerful when everyone on a team feels empowered to contribute ideas, opinions and suggestions knowing they'll be accepted and built upon by your colleagues.

We use improv techniques to help our clients discover solutions to all types of challenges.

So when you do ask Alexa, or Siri the question, the answer is improv can do a lot for you!

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